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About us


… we are an aluminium surface treatment company like many others.

But then our customers experience:

Service makes the difference.

High speed and comprehensive conduction of orders combined with a modern technique and an extensive professional know how are the reason why we are one of the leading companies in the field of aluminium surface treatment.

Only fast, uncomplicated and high quality performance meets our customers needs which is the fundament of our company’s market position.

Hence we continuously invest in our employees’ qualification and permanently increase our technical potential. Our network teams are perfectly coordinated, so that we can offer everything from required surface treatment consultancy to exceptionally logistic solutions.

Of course this comprehensive work is supported by our completely automated technical equipment, one of the outstanding facilities in Europe.


Surface Treatment of Aluminium

From architecture to medicine devices, from machinery to sports equipment, from automotive to aircraft building: aluminium fulfils most the specifications needed. Your application determines the choice of surface treatment, whether as technical specification or as visual impression of the final product.

The processes are fixed and described as standards internationally. Although there are additional ambitious quality specifications in the field of anodising and powder coating created by quality label organisations.

Have a look at our certificates


  • Length : up to 8.600 mm
  • Width : up to 350 mm
  • Height : up to 2.000 mm
  • Natural color C0
  • Bright bronce to black (C31 bis C35)
  • Bright gold and intensive gold (EV2 und EV3)
  • Stainless steel look (Steel – Line)
  • Diverse colors from Sandalor technique (i.e. red, yellow, blue, green)
  • Hard anodising / hard coating
    – filmthickness up to 50 µm
    – hardness about 430 MVH 0,025

Powder Coating

  • Length : up to 7.800 mm
  • Width : up to 600 mm
  • Height:  up to 2.000 mm
  • All possible colors (RAL, NCS, Sikkens etc.)
  • Powder coating with pre-anodising (advanced MVA – technique) filiform corrosion resistance with extended warranty (10 years)
  • Upon request in matt, semi-gloss or high gloss
  • Textured surfaces


  • Grinding, Brushing and Polishing
    (E1 to E5)
  • Microlising
  • Sawing – Drilling – Burring
  • Sheet and sheet application
  • Folio protection of sheets and profiles
  • Anti-noise coating
  • Packaging according customer’s request
  • Deliveries through company’s equipment



Of course, quality is our number one concern. Eloxal Gerlingen is certified according DIN ISO 9001 : 2015  and offers all possible surfaces according to European Quality Labels (QUALANOD, GSB, QUALICOAT) and DIN 17611.

Additionally we comply with the usual automotive technical specifications.



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